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Recover your damaged, clicking hard drive with Data Recovery MD.
State of the art D-STAT recovery machinery and cleanroom service.

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We recover your data if it is recoverable at all

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    Data Recovery MD exists solely because of the importance of storing data and retrieving that important data when it's lost. Sensitive information is typically treated...

  • Why is Data Recovery so expensive?

    Data Recovery CEO Arthur Zilberman has taken to Quora to answer people's questions about data recovery. One of the questions he's frequently seen is: “why...

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Founded in 1999, LaptopMD has become renown in the technology community for our customer service and technical acumen, and we strive to uphold that same reputation to provide the best data recovery.

Data Recovery MD is the number one service in New York for data recovery and hard drive repair services. From RAID data recovery for New York businesses, to simple data transfer for personal computers.

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